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Catch and release fishing is available only in the six designated ponds listed below for Teravista. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department requires persons age 17 to 74 to have a valid fishing license for recreational fishing in each of the ponds. Persons under the age of 17 are permitted to catch and release fish without a license. 

Many of the designated “catch and release” ponds are natural. Because they are, even during extreme drought conditions we are unable to replenish the water levels. To do so could impair the riparian area (vegetation along or near the bank of the pond). 

For additional information on catch and release, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, Fishing, Recreational Catch and Release or review the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual Hunting and Fishing Guide.

For more information on laws and regulation, visit http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publications/annual/ and http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/regulations/fish_hunt/general_law.phtml. 

All parks and ponds close at 10pm.

Pond Name Neighborhood Physical Location
Teravista Lake Park 

Blue Agave 

Pearl Crescent

Teravista Crossing

Lake Teravista Way 

Wildflower Park Pond  Wildflower Trace Scenic Lake Drive and Teravista Crossing 
Fairway Path Pond Fieldcrest and Reston Village
Between Centerbrook Place
& Fairway Path
Arbor Lake Pond Arbor Lake

On Park Vista Trail

Green Tree Pond Lexington Park

Along Green Tree Drive

Scenic Lake Pond Between Meyer Park & Meyer Village
Between Scenic Lake Drive
& Western Lake Drive
Coach Light Pond North of Meyer Park
Between Coach Light Drive
& Sunny Meadows Loop

Note: There is absolutely no fishing permitted at any of the ponds located in and around the Teravista Golf Course. Any pond touching the golf course is off limits for fishing. Persons violating this rule are subject to trespassing.