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Parking & Vehicle Policy

Parking & Vehicle Policy


A glance at the new Parking and Vehicle Policy recently approved and adopted by the Teravista Board of Directors.

Residential Vehicles

  • Vehicle must be operable, and display a current license tag and inspection sticker.  "Vehicles" include automobiles, motorcycles, motorized bikes, passenger trucks, small vans, and similar passenger vehicles.   
  • Commercial vehicles or equipment, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, golf carts, boats and other watercraft, trailers, buses and industrial vehicles must be garaged at all times.

 On Street Parking

  • Except as otherwise permitted, No Owner or Resident may park a vehicle on the street at any time.
  • Guest of any owner or residence may park on street, but cannot exceed 72 consecutive hours.
  • No vehicle may obstruct the flow of traffic, constitute a nuisance, or otherwise create a safety hazard.

 Commercial Vehicles

  • Commercial Vehicles are prohibited from parking on any street, owner/residence driveway.   Service and/or delivery vehicles are exempt when making deliveries or services to a unit or common area.

 Persons violating any of these policies are subject to a fine per the Teravista DCCR. 

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