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Fitness Center

Fitness Center Amended Rules - Updated October 2019

Open 24 Hours


The Fitness Center is available to Teravista Residents and their guests only.

Children of residents who are age 13 years and older may use the Fitness Center without being accompanied by an adult. A resident over the age of 18 must accompany all guests. Residents are allowed one guest per household. 

Children of residents under  the  age of 13  are  not  allowed  in  the  Fitness Center alone. The exception is children  young enough  to be confined to a stroller or other infant carrier. Children under 10 are not permitted at any time.

Excessive noise, running or interference with others is not allowed. 

Fitness supervision or instruction is not provided. All persons using the fitness equipment do so at their own risk and are advised to consult with a physician in advance. 

  • The following items are not allowed in the Fitness Center
  • Glass containers. Any  beverages brought in must be in containers made of plastic, aluminum, or paper.
  • Tobacco products and smoking
  • Controlled substances and/or alcoholic beverages

Radios, iPods, and  music of any kind require the use of a headphone or ear piece when in the Fitness Center.

Appropriate attire must be worn at all times when using the Fitness Center. 

All equipment must be wiped clean after each use. Each resident is responsible for cleaning up trash and other debris occasioned by their use. All trash and debris is to be deposited in trash receptacles.