Home Improvement Information

Please submit your application through TownSq.io. Register with TownSq.io using your HOA account number.
To submit an application directly to the committee, click Architectural Review on the left-hand navigation. On the next page, you will see Submit Project on the top right-hand portion of the screen. Follow the instructions, attach supporting documents, and be sure all fields are completed, otherwise, it will not allow you to click Completed. 
Payment will still need to be processed. You can make the payment through TownSq, or submit a check or money order to the office.
For any questions, please call the HOA office at 512.310.7421 or email teravistaoffice@goodwintx.com.

Fence - Wood Stain
Behr Natural Cedar Tone - ST-533
Roof Shingle Color: Section 5.12, page 220 in the Community Manual Amendment PDF.
Weathered Wood aka Driftwood aka Driftshake is the only approved color.
Click here for the Fall Landscaping Newsletter which has helpful tips and information that can apply to Spring.
Applying liquid aeration is best when soil temperature is above 50F.  Core aeration can also be performed. Aerating your yard helps create more air in the top layer of your yard. This allows water and fertilizer to penetrate deeper. Liquid aeration takes longer to work but is effective.
Top dressing is an important factor that can help the health of your grass. This helps maintain the moisture levels and feeds the lawn.
Grubs! If you saw June Bugs last year, you likely have grubs in your yard. These critters will feed off the roots of your grass and plants causing bad spots in the lawn. Treat these with beneficial nematodes. Don't know if you have grubs? Dig down about an inch in a few spots in your yard. You should be able to find one this way to confirm.
Neem Oil is a natural pest repellent. It can be used on trees or plants (including houseplants). Common insects it helps with are aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites. Be careful with the temperature and time of day you apply the oil as it can burn your plants.
Front Yard Service Areas: The maintenance agreement is only for mowing, shrub pruning, and mulch. It does not include plant replacement, irrigation, grass replacement, or tree maintenance. Mulch is usually applied in April.